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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dombort: "Trade Villanueva"

Having rapidly become a geek with a blog an international media sensation with at least 5,000 5 readers, it follows that I should immediately begin misquoting my friends and audience. I mean, that's what reporters do, idnit?

So, mea culpa. Dombort may not have explicitly said that CV3 should be traded. But he did raise the question. And he didn't say we shouldn't. So what conclusion am I left to draw?

By the way, I agree:

    After finishing second in the rookie of the year voting, you have to wonder if his stock can go much higher in the coming years. If he posts similar numbers next year, GMs will likely conclude that he's either (a) running on auto-pilot, or (b) has a low ceiling.
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