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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Scientific Method (of NBA draft pick analysis)

The Raptors have continued a favorite past-time in NBA circles of picking up players who've posted season or career-high numbers against them. Here's the recent analysis:

    Kris Humphris
    Career high: 14pts
    Against: Phoenix (Bryan Colangelo era), 11/18/2005

    Rasho Nesterovic
    2005-6 season high: 14pts
    Against: Toronto, 2/8/2006
Which makes it perfectly obvious that the Raptors will draft Andrea Bargnani.

Il Mago is the only player among all draft candidates to have played competitive ball against the Raptors, even if it was only an exhibition game. By all accounts he played very well, and challenged Chris Bosh with his quickness and versatility.

So there you have it: the Toronto Raptors will select Andrea Bargnani in tomorrow's draft. As proven with "real science" that is about as accurate as anything else you're going to read in the coming 24 hours.


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