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Friday, June 30, 2006

Out with the Nueva, in with the New

I was a Charlie Villanueva supporter last year. I even forced convinced my son to buy his jersey at an early-season game instead of Chris Bosh's. It turns out that wasn't a very wise investment, given the end of the CV31 era in Toronto. Charlie has been traded to Milwaukee for TJ Ford.

The writing was on the wall, and frankly, I was calling for Villa to be traded for a while. He's likely to have a decent career as a scorer in the NBA. I'm a little bit worried that he could turn into a great scorer. But he's a below-average defender, is "wildly inconsistent" (as they say over at Raptor Blog), and lacks the tough-mindedness and grit that GM Bryan Colangelo is seeking to inject into the revamped Raptors lineup.


Apparently the Milwaukee Bucks also subscribe to the scientifically proven principle that most NBA trades involve teams acquiring players who've achieved career or season bests at their expense. CV31, you will recall, racked up 48 points against the Bucks in March 2006.


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