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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Raptors Poach Salmons from Sixers

I don't really have much to say about this. Salmons is an OK player whose strengths are defensive versatility, and a name that easily lends itself to silly delightful turns of phrase.

In another developing story, the Toronto Raptors are now issuing press releases exclusively in Italian. Which is kind of odd, but indicative of the times, I suppose.


    Per Il Rilascio Immediato
    13 luglio 2006

    Direttore generale Bryan Colangelo oggi annunciato che Jonni Salmone ha firmato un contratto con Toronto Rapturri. I termini non sono stati annunciati, ma si crede che il Salmone abbia ricevuto un affare cinque anni, degno appena sotto ₤ 38,000,000,000 (lira).

    Dice Salmone:

    "It was down to the Raptors and Phoenix Suns. I'll be honest with you -- it was a tough decision. But Bryan Colangelo showed me that the opportunity in Toronto is [molto eccellente]. And I'm looking forward to adding more of an international flavor to this team, because most of the players are from Europe and Texas."

    Dice Colangelo:

    "Jonni is a good fit for our squad. He's versatile and a team-first guy. He'll get most of his minutes at small forward and off-guard, but can also play the point in a pinch. This signing strengthens our perimeter defense, and also gives us flexibility to explore trade opportunities for Morris Peterson. Throw in the contract of Alvin Williams, and we can take back close to $14 million in salary. ... Actually, don't print that last bit, ok? Is that thing recording?"

    Per le piĆ¹ informazioni, mettasi in contatto con prego il Maurizio Gherardini, Direttore generale di aiuto.

    - 30 -
And from the in case you were wondering file: Salmons' career high is 23 points, against the Raptors of course (2005-06 season). I almost didn't bother to look it up. I mean seriously, we're all well versed in the scientific method over here. And science is nothing to joke about.


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