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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Rob Babcock: "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways."

It will be months before we know how Bryan Colangelo's Summer Magic Tour 2006 turns out. Predictions are all over the map: from David Copperfield making a 747 disappear, to David Blaine drowning in his own urine. In the meantime, we can all feel relief that Commander Rob is out of town, and share in the collective joy known throughout the league as "Babcock-watching".

For instance, check out this little gem on the Mike James signing:

    Rob Babcock was the Toronto general manager when the Raptors traded Rafer Alston to the Houston Rockets for Mike James, the new Timberwolves point guard, last Oct. 4. Now Babcock, back with the Wolves front office after about 18 months with Toronto, was instrumental in signing James, a free agent, to a $23.4 million, four-year contract. "There's a lot of things I like about him. One is he can shoot the three-pointer," Babcock said about James, who averaged 20.3 points last season. "He's got great range, and he's a legitimate three-point shooter, and that is something that you can never get enough of is having good shooters.
    -- Minneapolis Star Tribune
To recap the many reasons Babcock likes James:
1. "One is he can shoot the three-pointer"
2. "He's got great range"
3. "and he's a legitimate three-point shooter"
4. "you can never get enough [...] good shooters"

Having previously confessed that I'm not the bestest at English or Math, it should come as no surprise that I'm a little confused by Babcock's comments. Didn't he repeat himself four times in explaining why Mike James is the new hotness?

I'm probably just not reading it right.


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